3 March 2014

You Have To Let it Go

She clenched her jaws slightly, eyes shut tight.

Her fingers were unconsciously clawing and gripping at her blue cotton dress's hem.

You have to let it go...You have to let it go...
She chanted to herself in heart.

It had been months, well, almost half a year ago, when she last saw him.
Or pretty much had her last touch on his skin.

He had always smelled so good. Always with the messy hair, yet so unbelievably attractive.
Guess that is what they called as out-of-the-bed hair. Fatally seductive.

She had no control of herself when she was with him. Everything flew right out of her books of prim and proper. No conservative boundaries, no rules and regulations, no dull routines.

He had her right at the beginning. And she had relented. Gave in. Succumbed. 


With him, she saw herself as someone else. 

Someone pleasurable. A fulfilled woman.

But that person had only surfaced for a short period, and was gone many months ago since then. 

Unwillingly, she brushed his images aside and opened her eyes.

...you have to let it go.

It was either wedding bells, or satisfied moans.

Nearing her 30s, she chose what was the ultimatum in a woman's life.

But she wished she could say, "...and I've never looked back since."