15 December 2014

My Alter Ego

Let my alter ego do the talk

To be honest, i'm damn tired. Tired will all these faking smile, pretending to be okay and cool with everything. Hell yea, i'm totally not okay with this. Last month, i meet with my boss and he said i like to smile whenever i meet people. I do like smiling, but just to hide what i have/had in my mind. Only few people know my true habit and behavior coz i can adapt well with others. In other words, i'm hypocrite. I can keep what i have in mind or heart without telling it to other, but you can see it from how i act towards it. Especially, involving people i don't like..

"Spider Web"- I have a spider web in my mind and my heart, too many branch and direction with only one center.

When the right time come, you have to let me go......

To be cont~~~
 I'm SORRY....

p/s: can you please don't ask me anything about this, coz you start to annoy me. tq