31 December 2015

365 of 2015

Last day for 2015
First of all, sorry i still haven't yet complete the blog renovation. My schedule a bit pack compare with the usual.
Second, this song. I don't dedicate this song to anybody. Please don't misunderstand. I got this song from a novel I read at Wattpad and I love indian song, much.
Third, I'm getting nervous about dance performance for our company annual dinner in the end of Jan, but this is what i have choose. I wanna try this, want to have fun with dancing and out from my comfort zone.
Bukit tengkorak and Bohey Dulang as my new year starter tomorrow.

I'm very sorry to all people that i have hurt intended or unintended. Good luck in your own life, don't resent me.

I don't do love~anymore~

May 2016 bring us better in everything...

28 December 2015

27 December 2015

Do I/I Do

I can't sleep again and i can't eat anything.. Not sure what did happen lately, but seems like i'm having insomnia or depression.. But why?

I'm not sure if u read this, but i'm closing my fb temporary, just i don't want u to think i chatting with other/s. Eventhough i love wondering at fb, scrolling and fooling around. But u getting curious with my activity at fb..

What next, i guess someone is not going to wait anymore.. right?? Haha

New year is next week.. countdown...

I'll change the background.. not in the mood to do the editing

I need to sleep or else tomorrow i'll ne having a very2 bad mood and mood swing.

Next... Erm... later


4 December 2015



Nasyid punya pasal aku nangis dalam office...
Last few night my mum whatsapp tanya kenapa tak call... Haha..
Seperti yang dijangka, daddy yang angkat call dan memulakan mukadimah....
Di pendekkan cerita My daddy tanya pasal pegi check tiket untuk pegi KK, well tiket balik mmg da beli tapi tiket pergi belum lagi, so dengan lemah lembut Daddy cakap kalau boleh jangan la jalan dulu sebab banyak hal kecoh2 skrg..

Tapi kalau ayah yang kata, so memang terpaksa la cancel dan tiket tu burn la..... Waaaa..... Better dari buat ayah rasa susah hati dan risau kan. Sekarang marilah la kita buka Lazada dan shopping untuk merawat hati yang kecewa (Drama sangat~~~)

Genap 2 tahun.... Al-Fatihah untuk arwah makcik,
Sejak dari arwah makcik pergi, aku belajar untk lebih menghargai orang tua aku,
banyak yang terjadi sejak aku grad dari study.. Seriously, parent tiada ganti..
Biar sakitkan hati sendiri dari sakitkan hati orang tua aku...
Ala.. rasa nak nangis pla,sentimental.... Tapi ada engineer so control la, cover macam biasa... haha...

Okay, cukup membebel... Let's move on... Lupakan semua... Allah tahu yang terbaik...

3 December 2015


Let see if i still can use my Note to update my blog...
Gila la kalau kata aku x sakit hati klu break, tapi kadang2 rasa sakit hati dulu tu lebih dri rasa sakit hati skrg. I wanna take thing slow and i don't think u want this to be slow.. I don't know if i still can do this coz i know deep inside i'm fuck.. seriously,do u think i can easily get over this. Thinking what had happen between us.. Our memories together. Well, if u decide to move on and give up maybe that the best for u. Since my word had ni effect towards u.. i'm to lazy to describe my feeling towards u over and over again.. I don't want to expect more..  Just ask u to finish ur training but the opposite is what u do.. Instead of being my friend, u want more...damn, can't u understand this.. Simple, just finish ur training first and other will follow.. But u have made ur desicion.. So, up to u..

Aku tak mahu nanti di kata sengaja buat orang berharap.. Nope, semua orang pn selalu berharap, tu sebab aku serah pada Tuhan.. Jangan pusing2 dgn ayat aku lagi.