13 October 2016

Rumble and Mumble

You asked me what i would do if u were 25 minutes late (just like the song u meant)
I asked you back, is it intended or unintended? coz if u are late unintended, i just might not bother

"Why do we need to hurt each other if damn in love with each other"... Well, its not a good sign if I start using this quote AGAIN..

Thing i hate the most is when people i love start to make me feel hurt. Leave them? Nope... I'll just give them few chance until my "LOVE" for them faded and gone with the wind.. Impossible??? Nah.. its possible for me..

I've gone with this kind of situation before, and trust me that didn't ending well for them. But for me, i'm glad I end it though... (Evil Me Rite)

I start to miss my previous lifestyle, hangout with my girlzzz... Vacation... Holiday and such on..


This is 1 on many secret you didn't know about me, I used this to tell you how i feel about us. I realize you love me very much, but are you really? coz i start to doubt that. Why? Its for me to know and you to find out...

I don't like being told what I can/should wear, in fact I hate it and despise the most. You NEVER tell me anything about my fashion/cloth.

Beside, I hate it when you start quiry about my family. I'm a family based person, means i will ask opinion from my parent, sibling, cousin and other relatives. So, don't you dare to tell me I can't spend time with my family. Damn, I will do anything I want with my family. Even I do realize if we were to get married you will be part of my family, but still family come first. Yeah, I stubborn enough to defy you *smirk.

A good husband will be a man for his wife during her hard time.

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